“Big and dynamic change is not easy.  Our partnership with Ecstasis has helped us through significant changes in our business model and in executive leadership changes. Their depth and breadth of experience sets them apart, as does their availability and accessibility. They came to deeply understand us and our challenges and brought uncommon change leadership expertise to us when and how we needed it. They remained objective as they challenged us to lead our company and they provided us with valuable leadership tools and perspective – in group settings and also through executive coaching. Most important, they are our valued partners. Thank-you Ecstasis .”

—Krisann Hatch
Senior Vice President – Human Resources, Red Lion Hotels (NYSE: RLH)


“We’re a successful team with a strong corporate culture. Our company was in the midst of significant growth. Along with that growth came some serious change. We engaged Ecstasis to help us achieve strong alignment as we navigated through that change to manage our growth effectively. I’m a big believer in coaching as a way to take my performance to the next level. It’s a key tool for me in increasing self awareness and modeling the behaviors we were expecting of all our leaders. The focus I got from coaching enables me to engage our stakeholders and leaders with greater clarity and as a result we’ve become even more engaged and effective. Our growth continues and we are handling the change proactively and not reactively. I’m grateful to Ecstasis for my coaching and for their work with all our leaders.”

—Arno Harris
Former CEO and Chairman, Recurrent Energy


“There are lots of distractions when you lead a large organization. My coaching partnership with Ecstasis gave me focus and a greater capacity to sift through the distractions so I could focus on senior team alignment and engaging with one another to lead our organization. When you’re a senior leader, having a coach isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. It’s a smart decision to have someone to check in with, to bounce things off of, to challenge and support you as you work to be the best leader you can be. That’s been my experience with Ecstasis.”

—Debbie Alvarez-Rodriguez
President/CEO, Goodwill of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin (2002-2012)


“We engaged Ecstasis to design and deliver a customized, virtual leadership development experience for our top levels of leadership. They listened to our needs and facilitated an experience that challenged us, stretched us, and enabled us to cascade our learning out to our teams. We grew our capacity to work together, drive our business, and develop our people. Now we are working with Ecstasis to help us develop all our people managers.”

—Patrice D’Eramo-Flack
Vice President – Americas Field Marketing, Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO)


“Ecstasis was vital to our building a tightly focused team, as we dramatically changed our business model. Innovative and illustrative team exercises moved us from talking about “team” to becoming one. We all sincerely appreciate and value their contributions to the new QuickLogic Team.”

—E. Thomas Hart
Executive Chairman of the Board, Former CEO, QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK)


“The difference in working with Ecstasis is that our leaders come away with real competencies that they can take away and apply immediately. It’s about finding meaning and changing your practices as a leader.”

—Ginger Crowne
Cisco Services Leadership Development


“Ecstasis provided my organization the framework to start a conversation and build trust that lead to innovations and exceptional business results (improved financials and customer service scores). The tools and insights that Ecstasis provides via the deeply personal connections they establish with us expanded our thinking. With their guidance, we were able to have conversations which drove business results and increased our capacity to lead and contribute value to our organization. Our work with Ecstasis paved the way for us to move forward with confidence and authenticity.”

—Todd Burger
President/CEO, AAA Mountain West


I took on a new leadership role to drive a transformative change initiative in our company’s largest organization. Working with Ecstasis I was able to build relationships with key stakeholders and engage my new team to create alignment around our business and change strategies. By taking a change leadership view, the many change management projects have a context that has shaped how people are accepting the change.  I have strong board, executive team and functional team support and we are executing well and driving the business forward. The result is a very successful first six months in which we have accelerated the change process while keeping engagement high.

—Vincent Crepy
Senior Vice President – Operations, Ventura Foods


“My executive coaching relationship with Ecstasis has been of great value and benefit to my leadership focus and competency.   I move forward with strong clarity of direction, intentional interactions and insight, better life balance and increased optimism.   The deep reflection through conversations that matter challenged me to achieve an increased level of leadership effectiveness.”

—Stanley Porter
Managing Director Greater Washington Area, Deloitte Consulting LLP


“It all comes down to clarity. Our job as leaders is to provide clarity for the people in our organizations. And if the senior team isn’t aligned, it’s hard to provide clarity. We engaged Ecstasis to get our senior leadership aligned around a clear vision and strategy for our organization. The process they guided us through brought us together as a team and strengthened our individual and collective capacity to create clarity and lead change.”

—Debbie Alvarez-Rodriguez
President/CEO, Goodwill of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin (2002-2012)


“Our business landscape is constantly changing. We collaborate with Ecstasis to crystallize our strategy and enable a highly engaged and performing team with the intelligence and agility to consistently deliver key commitments and exceed all expectations. Ecstasis is an invaluable ally in our success.”

—Andrew Elder
Vice President, Cisco (2010)


“Ecstasis was instrumental in developing the first leadership development program, AIM @ Building Leadership, for Apollo Group’s IT organization.  The program was delivered to 100 top leaders within the division.  As Head of IT Planning and Operations, I inherited a fractured organization, with leadership, operational, and cultural challenges.  Ecstasis provided simple frameworks and models for our leaders to understand and implement.  It was clear proof that the models took hold when our managers utilized the frameworks in meetings with their leaders and peers.  The feedback from our leaders was outstanding.  Survey scores completed after the program rated Application of Knowledge and Skills on the Job at 4.75 (out of 5).  Thank you Ecstasis!”

—Maria Weaver
VP, IT Planning and Operations, Apollo Group (2011-2013)


“What has happened as a result of our work with Ecstasis is a ramping up of business transformation and leadership transformation. Front line managers are effecting change throughout the organization. That wouldn’t have happened without Ecstasis.”

—Steve George
EVP Products & Services, CSAA Insurance Group