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70% of U.S. Workers Aren't Engaged At Work

Make Sure Your Team is in the 30%

Leadership Development that
Enables Positive Transformation

  • ⇨ Find the Root of Team Problems   More
    Good team productivity and cohesion is hard.
    We help you identify underlying problems, and not only help fix them, but also provide a custom framework to solve future issues as well.

  • ⇨ Accelerate Change   More
    We design and facilitate the important business conversations that produce the clarity and alignment to drive successful change. Our objective is synonymous with the dual focus of change leadership: Drive Business Results and Develop Capacity for Change.

  • ⇨ Build Leadership Muscle   More
    Our innovative leadership development work beats the benchmarks, resets the bar, and gets high marks. Working in close partnership with executives, our interests are aligned to grow leadership qualities further.

Embedded Coach/Team
Facilitation & Development

  • ⇨ Get Your Team Engaged   More
    Team engagement is hard. Fortunately we have an arsenal of proven methods to get the team in the 30% of workers that are engaged. From All Hands meetings with live actors to innovative off-sites we resonate and get results with your group.

    Upon completion of program, we have seen over a 50% Employee Engagement Increase!

  • ⇨ Create Team Cohesion   More
    You need to get your team performing like a team, not a bunch of individuals.
    Without this team cohesion, your group is doomed for mediocre results at best that were probably attained through brute force methods nobody respects. We identify team problems and teach strategies to rebuild.

  • ⇨ Keep Everyone Accountable   More
    We don't take Accountability lightly. It is crucial that strong leaders know the right way to keep a team motivated and on task to meet goals. With Team Embedded Coaches we figure that out with the team so everyone is on the same page.

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"Ecstasis was vital to our building a tightly focused team, as we dramatically changed our business model."

Executive Chairman of the Board & Former CEO, QuickLogic Corporation

The Ecstasis Difference

"Ready, Fire, Aim" Does Not Get Results

In order to think and lead differently we teach leaders to use our proprietary AIM® leadership model. By learning the three steps to AIM, before firing, transformative leadership occurs .

More About AIM®

There are 3 steps to AIM, Attend, Imagine and Move. We Attend by examining your current situation; Imagine by exploring the optimal solution to lead change and development and we Move the process forward while concurrently verifying through analysis.


Truly Solving Team Issues

Using our Team Engagement and Alignment Meetings (T.E.A.M.®) process, we create alignment that drives high engagement and high performance in teams.

More About T.E.A.M.®

The T.E.A.M.® process is highly customizable and allows leadership groups to forge connections that build trust and facilitate collaboration that results in consensus and commitment. It also provides a forum that encourages clear thinking, smart decision making, and intelligent action.


Partners, Not Just Consultants

Our engagements are true partnerships. To solve underlying problems we take an active role in guiding through to a resolution.

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We take a personal interest in ensuring that problems are dealt with and long-term solutions put in place. This entails us a process where we become an integral part of your team to align interests and create a true partnership.

Bespoke Solutions: Boutique Firm

Our passion is getting a deep understanding of our clients' ecosystems and then help leaders drive real change.

More About Us

Our coaches come from a wide range of industries and backgrounds. Every coach has had P&L responsibility, either as an executive or business owner. Our team has the expertise and experience to help you and your team.

Bios and Team Info

"We collaborate with Ecstasis to crystallize our strategy and enable a highly engaged and performing team"

Vice President, Cisco

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