We deliver Organization Development and Change Consulting that enables leadership teams to engage their workforce and lead transformation.

We are proud of our long-term, high-touch relationships with clients. We employ the primary principles of leadership and our signature methods in order to deliver services that are relevant to their strategic objectives. We design and facilitate the important business conversations that produce the clarity and alignment to drive successful change. Our objective is synonymous with the dual focus of change leadership: Drive Business Results and Develop Capacity for Change.

  • L-CAT Scan® Survey — The Leadership CAT Scan is a customizable survey of the Clarity, Atmosphere, and Talent in your organization or team. The survey is a diagnostic tool and roadmap for leadership to focus their efforts to “create the conditions in which your people will voluntarily give their best.”  Download a Sample.
  • Team Engagement & Alignment Meeting (T.E.A.M.)® — We developed the T.E.A.M. group process to enable leadership teams to have the important business conversations that drive high engagement and high performance.The T.E.A.M. process is highly customizable and allows leadership groups to forge connections that build trust and facilitate collaboration that results in consensus and commitment. It also provides a forum that encourages clear thinking, smart decision making, and intelligent action. Download an overview of the T.E.A.M. process.
  • Company All Hands Meetings — We have experience designing and facilitating large group meetings for our clients to get them beyond the one-way presentation. Whether its 20 people or 500, we create and facilitate the conversation leaders want to have with their workforce in times of change and transition.  People experience inclusion, being heard, and feeling valued.


How We Engage

  1. From the first conversation, we seek to AIM before we fire. We “Attend” to your success measures and your current reality.
  2. We collaborate with you to “Imagine” the optimal solution to help you lead change and develop leadership.
  3. We deploy our experienced team to partner with you to “Move” the process forward and ensure your experience and results are on target.

“Big and dynamic change is not easy.  Our partnership with Ecstasis has helped us through significant changes in our business model and in executive leadership changes. Their depth and breadth of experience sets them apart, as does their availability and accessibility. They came to deeply understand us and our challenges and brought uncommon change leadership expertise to us when and how we needed it. They remained objective as they challenged us to lead our company and they provided us with valuable leadership tools and perspective – in group settings and also through executive coaching. Most important, they are our valued partners. Thank-you Ecstasis .”

—Krisann Hatch
Senior Vice President – Human Resources, Red Lion Hotels 


“We’re a successful team with a strong corporate culture. Our company was in the midst of significant growth. Along with that growth came some serious change. We engaged Ecstasis to help us achieve strong alignment as we navigated through that change to manage our growth effectively. I’m a big believer in coaching as a way to take my performance to the next level. It’s a key tool for me in increasing self awareness and modeling the behaviors we were expecting of all our leaders. The focus I got from coaching enables me to engage our stakeholders and leaders with greater clarity and as a result we’ve become even more engaged and effective. Our growth continues and we are handling the change proactively and not reactively. I’m grateful to Ecstasis for my coaching and for their work with all our leaders.”

—Arno Harris
CEO and Chairman, Recurrent Energy