What is Ecstasis (ek-STAY-sis)?

“Ec-stasis” means change – a threshold occasion, a moment when something (or someone) breaks out of the status quo and changes from one thing to become another.

This simple definition defines our mission: design and deliver profound change for organizations and their leaders.

Why partner with Ecstasis?

We support global and national organizations and leaders with change leadership through three primary services: organization development, leadership development, and executive coaching.

We engage with our clients to design and deliver services that fit their culture and are relevant to their strategic objectives.

We partner with organizations to create alignment, build capacity, and lead positive transformation that drives innovation and business value.

We get teams on the same page for better use of time, energy, and resources.

We help leaders close their own skill gaps to have a more powerful and positive impact on their organization.

We build high-touch partnerships with Sr. HR leaders to support their strategic role and help them to have a significant impact on leadership, engagement, and performance.

We seek to build a relationship with our clients, not secure a transaction with them.

Our Approach

Three concepts guide our work:

  1. Leadership must stop racing from A to B and break the “Ready, Fire, Aim” mentality that drives behavior. In order to think, converse, and lead differently, we teach leaders to AIM before they fire using the three steps of transformative leadership. 
  2. As leaders attend, imagine, and move to lead change, they do so in a continuous loop focusing their efforts on driving the business forward and developing people. This balanced approach ensures that leaders attend to organizational performance, business objectives, team dynamics, and individual aptitude.
  3. Successful organizations, teams, and leaders understand that real and sustainable change happens over time.  We partner with clients to co-create this change. Our approach requires a high-touch relationship that can’t be rushed. This relationship enables us to understand your business objectives and help you craft and implement a change leadership strategy in support of your business goals.  The time factor ensures a strong return on your investment in OD/LD and change initiatives.

Your role is to lead real and profound change. Our job is to help you do that.

“It all comes down to clarity. Our job as leaders is to provide clarity for the people in our organizations. And if the senior team isn’t aligned, it’s hard to provide clarity. We engaged Ecstasis to get our senior leadership aligned around a clear vision and strategy for our organization. The process they guided us through brought us together as a team and strengthened our individual and collective capacity to create clarity and lead change.”

—Debbie Alvarez-Rodriguez
President/CEO, Goodwill of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin (2002-2012)


“Our business landscape is constantly changing. We collaborate with Ecstasis to crystallize our strategy and enable a highly engaged and performing team with the intelligence and agility to consistently deliver key commitments and exceed all expectations. Ecstasis is an invaluable ally in our success.”

Andrew Elder
Vice President, Cisco Systems (2010)