“Ec-stasis” means change – a threshold occasion, a moment when something (or someone) breaks out of the status quo and changes from one thing to become another.

Our Passion is to help organizations and their leaders to break through and  deliver profound change.

Our values drive our behavior and our work. If we are working with you and you don’t experience us putting our values into practice, we ask you to tell us.

Earn Trust Every Day.

  • Speak Truth.

  • Follow Through.

  • Deliver Excellence.

  • Win-Win Wins.

Walk the Talk – Incongruence erodes trust so be mindful of the how.

  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

  • Be Curious.

  • Look to Learn.

  • Let Go to Let Come.

Be Generous.

  • Practice Abundance.

  • It is Better to Give Than Receive.

  • Share Your Toys.

  • Make Others Shine.

Be Elegant – Leaders have a lot to worry about; let’s make their lives easier.

  • Keep It Simple.

  • Keep It Focused.

  • Make It Awesome.

  • Make It Count.

Be Assertive – No victims, villains, or heroes; model leadership.

  • Challenge Assumptions.

  • Take Risks.

  • Look for Ways to Optimize.

  • Help Everyone Win.


Ecstasis believes in the ‘do no harm’ practice of sustainability. We are constantly learning and seeking to implement business strategies that lighten our impact on the planet and its people without compromising profit. We carbon offset all our air travel through LiveNeutral, meet virtually whenever feasible, print on FSC certified, minimum 30% post-consumer waste paper, and commit to inspiring our clients to consider the environmental, social and financial effects their actions have today and for future generations.

“Your role is to evoke and sustain real and profound change. Our role is to help you do that.” Greg Giuliano Founder