Ecstasis is part of a community of thought leaders and practitioners working to enable positive transformation and grow our capacity to lead through change.

Some of our trusted advisors, thought leaders, and fellow practitioners include:

The Presencing Institute

Otto’s Scharmer’s work in positing Theory U has been an invaluable gift to the work of forward-looking organizations and leaders. Theory U is a framework for all our organizational initiatives and individual coaching relationships. It’s also the name of Otto’s book, which we highly recommend.

The World Café

The contribution of Juanita Brown and David Isaacs as co-originators and stewards of The World Café cannot be underestimated. The World Café, written by Brown and Isaacs explains the process as an innovative yet simple methodology for hosting conversations that matter. The World Café deepens our facilitation activities and accelerates collaboration and consensus-building in teams.

Society for Organizational Learning

Peter Senge and SoL support ongoing individual and collective development within and among organizations. The five disciplines of organizational learning are fundamental to our work. We highly recommend The Fifth Discipline and Presence.

Arie de Geus

A “global statesman” of business change and widely recognized as an originator of many of the principles and practices underlying the Learning Organization concept, Arie de Geus is one of the world’s most effective business strategists. Arie’s book The Living Company is a must read for any serious practitioner of organization change work.

Ingrid Stabb

Ingrid Stabb is co-author of The Career Within You, sought after speaker and a national media source on the topic of careers. She became a leader in the field of personalization with innovations that were applied to product management, loyalty marketing and career management at global Fortune 500 companies and international startups. Ingrid is among the Top 100 Most Desired Mentors for Gen Y.


“We think the idea of ‘change or exchange, shared by all,’ is pretty close to the sense of community in organizations today. Community building is a core strategy for sharing among all its members the burdens and the benefits of change and exchange.”

Juanita Brown