We’re so serious about change that our name “Ec-stasis” means change – a threshold occasion, a moment when something (or someone) breaks out of the status quo and changes from standing as one thing to become another.


We are passionate about change. And, leadership is the primary determinant and driver of real change. Since 2008 we have dedicated ourselves as Ecstasis to creating impactful change leadership solutions that drive high performance and build leadership muscle. We provide organization development and change consulting, leadership assessment and development experiences, and executive coaching that call leaders to take change seriously and to make serious change. Read more about our offering.

As we go about our work we strive to live our values and are proud to be part of a community of thinkers and practitioners that help organizations and the teams and leaders inside them to experience ec-stasis and lead change.

“We’re a successful team with a strong corporate culture. Our company was in the midst of significant growth. Along with that growth came some serious change. We engaged Ecstasis to help us achieve strong alignment as we navigated through that change to manage our growth effectively. I’m a big believer in coaching as a way to take my performance to the next level. It’s a key tool for me in increasing self awareness and modeling the behaviors we were expecting of all our leaders. The focus I got from coaching enables me to engage our stakeholders and leaders with greater clarity and as a result we’ve become even more engaged and effective. Our growth continues and we are handling the change proactively and not reactively. I’m grateful to Ecstasis for my coaching and for their work with all our leaders.”

—Arno Harris
CEO and Chairman, Recurrent Energy