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A Leadership Resolution for 2014 – The Year of Living Generously

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Generosity-Cho Quote

If you are still thinking of a resolution for 2014, I have a recommendation. Make 2014 a year of living generously. Resolve to be more open and giving with your time, energy, and resources. Generosity is a mindset that, when put into practice delivers a high ROI both personally and professionally.

Generosity is a powerful starting point for leadership. As leaders we have people depending upon us for direction, coaching and mentoring. We can see the people who come to us as disturbances to our routines, bringing problems that are distracting us from the tasks we hold important. Or, we can see the people coming to us as a sign of their recognition of our leadership, be grateful for their acknowledgement and for the opportunity to be of service. The first perspective is that of a victim, not a leader. “If only these people would stop bothering me, I could get some work done.” Wah-wah. Get over yourself. The second perspective is that of a leader. “I asked for this position. My job is to give the people around me everything they need in order to engage and perform at a high level.” Leadership isn’t about telling; it’s about serving.

John and Paul said it best, “The love we take is equal to the love we make.” So make 2014 the year of living generously. Not just excess resources, but your time and your energy. Resolve to make the people around you better. You’ll find that that some words spoken many years ago still ring true, “It is in giving that we receive.”