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In 2013, Let go to let come.

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“Let go to let come.” C. Otto Scharmer

In December of 2007 I attended the Presencing Foundations Workshop in Cambridge, MA. I was finishing a year full of travel and work and reflection and dialogue on the next steps for my company and for me. Sitting in a hotel ballroom with 78 strangers from around the world didn’t seem like a good use of my time or my introvert energy at the end of such an exhausting year; but, there I was, listening to Otto describe how if we want to experience profound, positive change, we need to be willing to let go of the present (and the past) in order to grab onto the seeds of possibility and create a different future.

I’m glad to have had that experience. It proved to be life-changing. In that hotel ballroom I found the courage to take another step (awkwardly) into leadership. I had lead my company for four years. It was time for the company and for me to evolve; to experience ecstasis – to change from one state of being into another.In that hotel ballroom Ecstasis was born. My being there, like my decisions about ceasing to be one company in order to become Ecstasis, like my work and personal mission today, was and is about enabling positive transformation. Sitting in that hotel ballroom I was reminded that enabling positive transformation for any individual, team, or organization requires me (and anyone who would presume to lead others) to be constantly open to being transformed, to be willing to “let go to let come.”

My memory of that wonderful experience with Otto and 78 fellow pilgrims comes to mind every year at this time. I flashed on it today when I read the holiday letter of my friend and colleague, Pat Newmann. She opened her letter with a quote from her friend, William Bridges (who knows a little something about change and transition). He asked her once, “What is waiting to happen in your life?” I want to pass that question on to you. I know I’ll be reflecting on it in the days and weeks ahead.

I also want to remind you and me that, as we reach for what is waiting to happen in our lives, we will need to let go of something in order to grab it and make it real.

I hope your 2012 was all you had hoped for. Here’s to a 2013 in 3D: Dream it, Design it, Do it!